Hello, you've come to the service, which provides services for hosting images with a surprise. The surprise is that by uploading any image here and sending the link to the other person, you get a unique opportunity to acquire IP-address of that person and some technical details of his computer and browser. Moreover, in order to release all the information to you, the addressee does not need to follow any links. He/she should just open your message (email, private message in the social network or forum), admiring your picture and being unconscious that all the available information about him/her is already at your disposal! All you need to do is to select the appropriate image on your disk, download it in here and insert the received link into your private message.
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Downloading an image you confirm that it is not offensive and does not violate the legislation of your country. The service does not guarantee eternal storage of your image. It will be removed if the references to it are too rare or too frequent. If you detected an offensive image or any image violating legislation, you can make a request for its removal.